I am doing something wrong

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I am doing something wrong

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We have SongBeamer on several computers: 1)soundbooth 2)church office 3)my home pc 4)my laptop 5)husband's home pc. I am generally the one who gets the schedule ready (at home). Then we've been transporting it via flash drive to the soundbooth. I think we've been inconsistent with how we're doing it, because sometimes the schedule disappears, or the backgrounds are gone, or option settings need to be reset. :? Could you go through the steps to transport? Also, is there a simple way to make certain that the same background folder I have on my pc REPLACES what's in the soundbooth? I've deleted several backgrounds and added many new ones. And somehow the old backgrounds keep showing up on different computers. We need a SYSTEM, don't you think? Any advice will be appreciated. :roll:
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You can transfer a schedule from one PC to another using File->"Export Schedule..." and File->"Import Schedule...". This will put all songs and backgrounds that are used in the current schedule into a zip file.

The other option would be keeping the folders with the songs and backgrounds in sync. We do not provide a tool for that. So you have to do this one by hand. I've heard of churches who use a version control system (for example "svn") that is normally used by software developers. But that is probably too complicated for less experienced users.
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