Presentation Preview when no second monitor is attached?

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Presentation Preview when no second monitor is attached?

Post by wnpaul »

I am using a notebook with 1600x1050 resolution, and our projector has a max resolution of 1024x768. When I work on Sunday's playlist at home, I would like to preview the presentation as it will look on Sunday on the projector screen.

I tried using the separate "presentation preview" program but it will only work when there is a second monitor attached.

Is there a way to get a preview window, separate from the main window, with the size specified for the presentation?

I know I can use full-screen preview mode, but (a) that makes the main program screeen inaccessible while up, and (b) it's not the right size/proportion to preview what the projector will show.
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Post by Sebastian »

There is no official function for that. But you could use SongBeamer Script (Tools->Macros...) to manually set the position of the presentation window.

Paste the following code into the Macro window and start the macro using F9:

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Presentation.Form.SetBounds(400, 300, 1024, 768); // left top width, height of the presentation window
Presentation.SetPresentationBounds(0,0,0,0); // This resets the size of the presentation inside the window
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