display resolution (frequency)

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display resolution (frequency)

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i want ask about display resolution - we use output from songbeamer PC(second screen) as input to ATEM switcher and things work only when it is 1920x1080x25Hz (necessary for mixing with HD video in realtime).
PC is WinXP - I don't know it could be problem connected with XP or not. But I think that when I start songbeamer he touch video-settings and set up different frequency (because who else?:).
I find workaround to start songbeamer and then change again resolution/frequency, but it is not something that I can demand by ordinary users.

Is there a way how to tell songbeamer to force secondary monitor to 1920x1080x25Hz ? or how to tell him "don't touch on video settings"


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Post by Sebastian »

SongBeamer can change the display settings, but it does not touch them by default. So somebody must have enabled that.

Go to Tools->Options->Projection and clear "Automatically enable/disable 2nd monitor". SongBeamer will still use the 2nd monitor if it available at startup.
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