Creating Song Categories

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Creating Song Categories

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Is there a way of creating or changing Song Categories? If not, could it be added?
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Post by Sebastian »

You can create a file with the name Categories.txt in the folder for the global SongBeamer configuration files and fill it with your own set of categories.

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My Category 1
My Category 2
The easiest way to do this is this: Use Tools->Macros, and add the following text:

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// Opens categories for editing
// Write %SONGBEAMER% in an empty lines in order to add all built-in categories

  FileName: String; 

  FileName := GetFolder_SBProgramData + 'Categories.txt'; 
  CreateProcess(GetFolder_System + 'Notepad.exe', FileName); 
Then Press F9 in order to run the script.

The OSX Version does not support Macros. So you'll have to do it manually. Press and hold shift while clicking on the "Help" menu. Then select "Folders for configuration data". The Categories.txt file will be in the "Folder for global configuration files". Copy it from there to the Mac or to other Windows PC in order to keep this file in sync.
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