Error message when playing Video using TV Projection

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Error message when playing Video using TV Projection

Post by Doz »

Please I have this error message whenever I want to play Video using song beamer.It comes up twice and then when I acknowledge it, it plays the video. I use Windows XP professional version 2002.
The error is

ActiveMovie Window: SongBeamer.exe

–Unable to Locate component
This application has failed to start because MagCore.dll was not found.Re-installing the application may fix this problem

I have re-installed over the existing application and still same problem though I have not removed the songbeamer before for fear of losing my saved songs/bible database
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Post by Sebastian »

Uninstalling or reinstalling SongBeamer will most likely not fix this.

MagCore.dll probably belongs to a video codec that is installed on your PC, but that file cannot be found. When searching the web for that file it seems that the file is from a company called ArcSoft. You could try re-installing their application(s) and/or contact ArcSoft for help.
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