Getting Fotos For Projector/Viewing

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Getting Fotos For Projector/Viewing

Post by JNAOkine »

Hi, I have tried several times to get Fotos for Viewing at Church, but whenever the FOLDER containing the Fotos is opened I cannot see the Fotos.

{I click on ..... INSERT..... SLIDESHOW ....... then search the Folder/Fotos, then opens the Folder, but NO Single Foto comes up for viewing and further Openning/Upload unto SONGBEAMER to Projector Screen }

What am I doing wrong?
Jacob N. A. Okine
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Post by Sebastian »

I guess you are trying to open an existing slideshow. You need to create a new slideshow and then add the fotos. Depending on your version of SongBeamer, use File -> New Slide show or Insert -> Slide show (not Slideshow from file).
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