Interlink Remote

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Interlink Remote

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I would like my remote to work with songbeamer. INTERLINK VP4910 RF RemotePoint Jade. This transmits over 100 ft, and advances Powerpoint presentations outside of Songbeamer normally. When you open the Powerpoint with Songbeamer, the remote advances thru the schedule, rather than thru the slides. Thanks
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Post by Sebastian »

I guess that your remote sends the key strokes right/left. You have two options: Change your remote so that it sends the up/down keys, or switch the key mapping in SongBeamer using Tools->Options->Other: "Change key mapping for arrow keys". This will swap the up/down right/left keys in SongBeamer.
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this works as is. my pastor tried this already. what we did is use regular presentation and set loop limit to 600 seconds and he plugged in that wireless remote in to my PC and then flipped through.
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