Getting songbeamer software

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fernando bello
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Getting songbeamer software

Post by fernando bello »

Hi Seb,

My demo is running out of time, if buying how long the software will be download?

I want to buy just 1 PC, my question is, if my PC or laptop break can I used another 1 or can I transfermy songbeamer to the new PC?

Pastor Bello
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Post by Sebastian »

Hi Pastor Bello,

We try to send you the license key within 1-2 hours during weekdays, most of the time even during the weekend. Sometimes we're traveling then it could take 24 to 48 hours. So please don't wait until the last minute.
Sometimes customers don't receive their license keys because they're going to their spam filter. So please check that and if you complain about not having received your key, please provide an alternative email address or send us a private message in the forums.

We don't use online activation. So you can reinstall as often as you need. The only condition is that you keep the setup and your license key in a safe place, for example burn it on a CD. Please don't abuse that privilege in order to have a working copy of SongBeamer on more PCs or laptops than you have licensed.

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