alternative slide break and transition

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alternative slide break and transition

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I want ask if could be possible somehow switch two option how-to render slides from one song.

Most of time we use songbeamer projection together with video from stage (we use ATEM device which mix it together). Because of it we can use only 4 lines of text in lyrics on one slide (they appear on bottom video same way like subtitles use movie).
Everything is fine here with songbeamer - we send 4 lines (2lines for lyrics and 2 lines of translation) on middle-bottom on green background, ATEM change green to video and everything is nice.
But sometimes we have worship time when we don't use video - so we want use all place on screen. So it's necessary take all songs and change slide breaks. And it's mean to have 2 version of one song. So it means every error in lyrics are doubled and so on…

Is there a chance to make it somehow automatically in options rather than editing songs? I noticed that there are two types of breaks -- and ---, which are used for printing. So some kind of option like "break only on ---" can be solution. Or "ignore breakers and break every XY lines"

Or is there already a solution for it that I miss?

Second thing is transitions. With 2 lines of lyrics per slide (and fast song) you must be quite fast :) So there is no time for some fancy things. But on slow songs it is nice when you can make (dis)appearing of text more smoothly. Manual changing transition settings between songs is not good option.
Fade to black hotkey is nice, but not useful with ATEM video mixing - I need fade to green if i want to disappear text from screen.

Songs already have speed (slow-moderate-fast) - so option for seting up transition for every speed would be nice. Alternative solution could be some hotkeys for predefined transitions or something like that

Thanks a lot.

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Post by Sebastian »

SongBeamer 4.31 introduces a setting where you can set the maximum amount of lines (Tools->Options->Song: Max line count). ... _Forum.exe

If you go to Presentation (menu) -> Transitions, you can set transitions for "default" and for "text". If you set the "text" transition to "none", and the "default" transition to "Cross Fade", you'll get a smooth transition when changing songs but there won't be a transition when changing the pages of a song. "Fade to black" always fades to black. Press "H" in order to fade to the background.
The hotkey "X" switches the default transition between "Cross Fade" and "None"
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