Songbeamer MacOsx features

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Songbeamer MacOsx features

Post by sdpaul »

We like preparing our schedules ahead of time, as this gives us a chance to look over the Songs to make sure we have the correct verses etc. Unfortunately the majority of people involved use Macbooks, Is there a timeframe on when Songbeamer for MacOsx will receive Bible support?

Also are the schedules for MacOsx compatible with the Windows version?
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Post by Sebastian »

Bible support is still in development, because there is still a few issues. But you can already use the things that work.

Use File->"Import Song/Bible"->"From SongBeamer Bible (*.bib)" to import a bible from the Windows version. The bible function will appear in the toolbar when you restart SongBeamer. When using the bible function, you'll need to resize the main window a little bit otherwise the verse list box looks a bit messed up.

In the Windows version press and hold shift while clicking on the help menu. Then click "Folder for configuration data". It will then show you the folder with the bibles.
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