Bible path configurable

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Bible path configurable

Post by wnpaul »

Could we please have the path to the Bible files configurable in the "Folders" tab in "Options"? Can't be too difficult ... but it would be so much easier if one could keep ALL of SongBeamer data in ONE big folder, instead of having to move Bible somewhere else ...
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Post by Sebastian »

This one sounds easy, but I don't like the consequences.

For example some Publishers are selling bibles for SongBeamer. These are still being shipped on a physical CD. We'd have to change history in order to make these compatible with this option. But then the setup still would have to figure out where to find this folder. And it cannot rely on reading it from SongBeamer.ini because that might be in a user profile that is not available when running the setup as admin.

Now having said that, there is still a way to do what you want. There is a command line switch for SongBeamer that lets you choose a folder where SongBeamer stores all the configuration data. You have to run SongBeamer with the switch /sbappdata <Name of Folder for configuration data>. Add this parameter in the "target" of the SongBeamer Shortcut.

For example:

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"C&#58;\Program Files &#40;x86&#41;\SongBeamer\SongBeamer.exe" /sbappdata "C&#58;\SongBeamerData"
This function was primarily intended for having multiple user profiles for SongBeamer, so that the the youth ministry could have different settings than the main service. But it can also be used for having all SongBeamer data in one big folder.
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