RFE: On song verses, leave a space where the title was

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RFE: On song verses, leave a space where the title was

Post by Juggledad »

Request for Enhancement
It would be nice if, in a song with multiple verses (screens) that the first line of the text on the second verse was located at the same location as the first line of the first page.

i.e. on the first page, you have the title on line 1 and verse text starting on line 2. When you go to page 2, the text starts on line 1. This makes the second verse jump up one line on the screen.

The screen could be divided into multiple blocks, block 1 at the top could be for the ttle, block 2 in the middle would be for the verse, block 3 at the bottom would be for the copyright etc.

This would cause the transistion from page to page to look smooth and consistant.
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Post by Sebastian »

I think this is a good idea.

Dividing the screen into multiple blocks is going to be a problem for some of our customers who cannot afford any additional space at the top of each page. But an option to always show the first line at the same location appears very reasonable to me.
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