Multi User Licence

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Multi User Licence

Post by connan »

With a multi user licence, is it possible for each individual user to have their own registration details?

For example, I purchased a 5 User licence for my church. Can each of the individual machines that the software is installed on have its own licence details, or must they all have the same name?
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Post by Sebastian »

The license data you receive is the same for all users. If you buy a 5 user license, it is usually preferable to request a key with the name of the church (you can select that during the check out process). This avoids the problem of having the name of the "wrong person" in the license details.

Send me an email if you want to change the registration name to that of the church. I'll send you a new key then.

I'd prefer to avoid own license details for every individual machine (it could be done if it is really needed).
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