HowTo: Name song section and reuse them in the projection

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HowTo: Name song section and reuse them in the projection

Post by Juggledad »

Did you know that you can give each section in a song an name and use it multiple times in the show?

When you edit a song you split the song into sections by adding --- on a single line. You could create an entire song that way, create verse one, then add the chorus, then verse two and then the chorus then verse three and the chorus etc, etc.

But there is another way to do it. Start off by typing 'verse 1' as the first line and you will see it colored blue. start the verse on the next line and put the --- to end the verse. Next type 'chorus' on a line and it will be colored purple. Enter the chorus and then the ---.

Next do 'verse 2' and 'verse 3' but don't bother to put the chorus between them.

Now for the fun part. On the right hand side of the 'Edit Song' panel you will see 'Verse order' with some buttons next to it. If you press the lightning bolt, all the sections of the song will be added in the order you entered them, but if you hold/clicking on one, you can change the order.

"But we entered 3 verses but just have one chorus in, what will we do?" In the space below the list type 'C,C' and press the green plus sign. You have now added two more chorus's to the end of the list. Just move them into position and click ok and the song is ready to go.

Why bother, well lets say you realize that there is a word spelled wrong in the chorus. You can now go edit the spelling error in one place and it will be corrected in each place it is used.

Hopefully this tip will be useful to everyone.
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Post by Sebastian »

Here's another trick for the editor: If you type 'v1' in a blank line and then press Ctrl+J, the 'v1' will be replaced with 'Verse 1'. You can try the same with 'v' 'v2', 'c', 'c1', 'pc', 'b', ...
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